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Fees and Limits

bitMahavi shall use the buyer-seller template in which the transaction fee is split evenly between the producer and the beneficiary for any trade.

Sale / purchase fee 0.4% *
* 0.2% Nominal & 0.2% Limit

In the buyer-seller template, the “buyer” is a trader who removes liquidity from the open order book by placing an order that fits immediately with an existing order from the order list.

The “seller” is a trader who provides liquidity for the order book, by placing a limit order below the best purchase price for a buyer and above the best selling price for sell.



RON Withdrawal Fees5 RON
USD, EUR € 1

*bitMahavi reserves the right to review its fee structure and apply changes as they deem appropriate. All fee information will be found on this page.


Bitcoin – BTC0.001 BTC
Ethereum – ETH0.01 ETH
Litecoin – LTC0.001 LTC

*Crypto withdrawal fees are subject to changes based on the cost of processing belonging to the block-chain in question.



LevelDeposit – CryptoWithdrawal – CryptoDeposit – FiatWithdrawal – Fiat
1Unlimited€ 5,000 or equivalent/monthLevel 2  is requiredLevel 2  is required
2Unlimited€ 50,000
or equivalent/month
€ 10,000/day or
€ 50,000/month
€ 10,000/day or
€ 50,000/month
3UnlimitedUnlimitedContact us for informationContact us for information